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You can find the January/February Extraordinary Minister Schedule in the PDF file at the bottom of the page. If you know of anyone wanting to become a Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion please have them contact me at cachee@cfl.rr.com.


To become a Extraordinary Minister you must complete a the following:

  • Complete the online Safe Environment Training (Click here). You do not have to complete the fingerprinting if you are serving at a Mass.
  • Attend the Orlando Diocesan Training. You need to send in your registration the Wednesday before the class. This form must be typed and signed by Fr. Chris. You can use this link to access the form Orlando Diocese Eucharistic Minister Registration Information.  The training fee is $10.00.
  • Attend a short training to learn the different area's of our Church.

 Click here to see the Available Diocese Training Classes scroll to the bottom of the page,

The Diocese Guideline for Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion


Renewal of Mandate for Currently Mandated EMHCs

Beginning in January 2018, the process for the renewal of mandates issued by Bishop Noonan will change. If the pastor of a given parish wishes to request a renewal of the EMHC mandate that is to expire for a given individual, they must submit the appropriate form “Petition for the Renewal of Mandate for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.” (EMHC) The petition for renewal may be used for single or multiple individuals by attaching a separate page containing the name(s) of the individual(s). As stated on the original petition submitted for NEW EMHCs, the Pastor is responsible to ensure that each individual EMHC receives ongoing formation throughout the five year period. As mandates are only valid for a five year period, those who wish to continue this ministry will receive a new mandate. However, the mandate will be recorded clerically in the Office of Liturgy. The Petition for the Renewal of Mandate will be signed by the Bishop and returned to the parish with the attached list of names. This information is to be recorded at the parish with appropriate notation made in the individual ministry file of the EMHC. Below is the step by step process for Renewal. The Petition for the Renewal of Mandate for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion may be found below under EMHC Documents.

Renewal of EMHC Mandate Process:

  • The Pastor completes and signs the Petition for Renewal of Mandate for EMHCs.
  • The list of names of those whose mandates are expiring and that the Pastor wishes to renew upon their consent and eligibility is attached to the petition. The list may only contain those whose mandates are expiring the current calendar year.
  • The petition and the list are then sent to the Office of Liturgy for processing.
  • The Office of Liturgy will contact the parish EMHC Coordinator with any discrepancies.
  • Once the EMHC database has been updated, the bishop’s signature will be affixed to the Continuation of EMHC Ministry Petition granting a new 5 year mandate for those names on the submitted list and returned to the parish for record keeping.



  • All EMHCs should be partaking in regular formation. Examples of what the pastor may deem appropriate include: parish missions, morning of reflections, parish bible study programs, diocesan and parish programs based on the Eucharist, virtual workshops on the EMHC ministry from Liturgy Training Publications, and Office of Liturgy ongoing formation of EMHC minister classes.
  • Renewal of EMHC Mandate lists may only contain those individuals whose mandates are expiring in the calendar year the Petition for the Renewal of Mandate for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is filed.
  • As in the past, any individual whose mandate lapses must retake the initial diocesan EMHC formation training and follow the process for NEW EMHCs as outlined on the EMHC Formation webpage.
  • There is no cost associated for the renewal of EMHC mandates.


IMPORTANT:  As you all can notice, the 5:00 Masses are short on Ministers.  If any unscheduled minister attended either the 5:00 Masses, please let the lead minister know that you are available to help out.  Thank you very much. Please email me at cachee@cfl.rr.com or call 321-269-1770 with your unavailable dates, updated email addresses and phone numbers.


You can view a list of all Eucharistic Minsters here.


Thanks, Caroline Achee


The current schedule is availble below:

PDF file: 

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