There once was a little bunny that lived near a town. The older bunnies reminded him to be careful around people so he always watched them from a distance. One day he watched what he thought was a parade as a man was riding a donkey though the town. All the people were happy to see the man and treated him very special. A few days later he saw another parade but instead the man was carrying a cross and had a crown of thorns on his head. Everyone was sad and many cried. He watched as they made the man go up a hill where there were three crosses at the top. After all the people left, he got closer and saw the same man on one of the crosses. The women kneeling below looked very sad. He watched as they took him down and carried him to a cave and knew that the man must be dead as he was covered with a sheet.

A few days later, the bunny went back to the cave but he was frightened as he heard the rock in front of the cave making a loud, trembling noise. A very beautiful light came from the cave opening. When the cave opened a man came out covered in white so bright you could hardly see. The bunny was very surprised as it was the man he had seen dead on the cross. But now he seemed to be alive again!

The man came over to the bunny and petted him and told him not to be afraid. The man told the bunny that he was glad he was there to greet him and therefore he wanted him to bring happiness and joy to all the little children. He told him that day would be called Easter and that every year he was to bring jelly beans, candy and Easter eggs to the children. After all, the bunny was the first living thing to see the risen CHRIST and then was called the EASTER BUNNY!