The St. Teresa Youth Group is an organization of kids/young adults from 7th grade to 12th grade who work together to become closer to God’s word and live the way He taught us to live our lives. The Youth Group meets monthly and partakes in many activities such as Faith Nights to deepen our understanding of ourselves, our faith, and our God; Social events such as bowling, movie nights, pizza parties, and Service work like helping to serve the Community Breakfast at the Methodist Church in downtown Titusville. The Youth Group is a welcoming environment for kids/young adults wanting to get closer to God.


For more information contact the faith formation office at (321)349-5445 or email faithformation


St. Teresa Youth Group

Calendar of events September-October

For all Youth from7th to 12th Grade


July 31st6 DaysLake  Placid, FlCamp Veritas Summer Camp
 Aug. 4th  6 PMFaith Formation RoomYouth Group Planning Meeting
Aug. 27th12:00 PMCourtyardYouth Group Kickoff Picnic



Advance Sign-up is required for all events. Contact the Faith Formation Office with questions or to sign up Phone: 321-349-5445 or Email: