Prayer—Almighty and ever living God, you invite us deeper into your world, your people, your Lent. May this time be one of outward focus; ... Help us live a Lent focused on freedom, generosity, and encounter.

Fasting- there are only two days of the year that Latin Rite Catholics are required to fast (over 90 percent of Catholics are Latin, or Roman Rite. If you’re not sure, then you are Latin Rite). One is Ash Wednesday and the other is Good Friday. In fact, both days are days of fasting and abstinence.

Almsgiving— is really just another name for charitable giving. Alms comes from a word that means pity, while charity comes from the Latin word “caritas”, that means love. That’s why some translations of 1 Corinthians 13:13 it reads “faith, hope, and charity.” Giving to charity is showing caritas, love, for our neighbor just as Jesus told us to. St Francis of Assisi said, “in giving we receive.” Let’s makes sure we do it all with the proper motives and remember the admonishment that Jesus gave concerning praying, Almsgiving, and fasting in Matthew chapter 6: don’t do it for the praises of men, do it for Go