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Blessing of Easter Food Baskets "Swieconka" will be on Saturday, April 8th at 11 AM in the Church. Please place your food at the altar before the Blessing starts. 

Meanings of Traditional Contents

  • Butter- This reminds us of the goodwill of Christ that we should have towards all things. The butter is usually formed as a lamb.
  • Easter Bread - A round or long loaf topped with a cross or a fish, symbolic of Jesus, who is the Bread of Life
  • Eggs - Indicates new life and Christ's Resurrection from the tomb.
  • Ham - Symbolic of great joy and abundance. Some prefer lamb or veal. Also, Kielbasa-A sausage product is symbolic of God's favor and generosity.
  • Salt - A necessary element in our physical life. Symbolic of prosperity and justice and to remind us that people are the flavor of the earth.
  • Candle - Represents Christ as the Light of the World.